• KEWLAB is dedicated to advancing the cause of science, and we do that by supplying optics, photonics and scientific laboratory instruments to both the scientific and the industrial community. It’s surprisingly uncommon to find your perfect job nowadays, and despite the odds, that is precisely what we have done! Everyone here is an energetic, brilliant science supporter.

    In the beginning humans developed tools, language, agriculture, and leisure; we then had the time to figure out how most of the gross mechanisms on our planet worked. We traced our origins, what had preceded us, and found clues and hints about what the future held in store. Humanity embraced knowledge, shedding ancient superstitions, in favour of experiments, study, and replicable results...

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    Upcoming Trade Shows:

    International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics

    LABWorld China 2020

    Lab Equipments and instruments for Research,Inspection and Analysis of Biopharmaceutical and Life Science

  • KEWLAB Launches RGB-series miniature fiber spectrometers

    Melbourne, VIC Australia – 21 September 2020 – KEWLAB has officially launched its RGB-series miniature fiber spectrometer product line. Currently this product line includes an extended-range general-purpose spectrometer RGB-ER-CL and a high-resolution high-sensitivity Visible-NIR version RGB-VIS-NIR-CL RGB-series spectrometers are based on a crossed-asymmetric. Czerny-Turner optical bench design, and offer a very high signal-to-noise ratio of 600:1. RGB-ER-CL has...

  • Tech Support Application Engineer

    Job Location: Melbourne, Australia; Singapore

    Job Responsibilities:
    Technical writings of product specs, brochures, manuals, application notes, blogs, etc.
    Provide technical support via email, phone or web chat to customers worldwide.
    Provide installation and training services to customers for certain products
    Support internal sales and marketing efforts


  • KEWLAB Pty Ltd, G/F, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, VIC 3144, Australia.

    +61 3 85381796 (Business Hours: M-F: 9 am – 5 pm AEST/AEDT)