DT-PH1400 Laboratory pH meter

DT-PH1400 Laboratory pH meter

DT-PH1600A Laboratory pH meter

DT-PH1600A Laboratory pH meter

DT-PH1500 Laboratory pH meter

Standard laboratory pH meter, with 5-points key calibration, automatic temperature compensation. The setting menu can customize 9 functional parameters. The instrument is suitable for measuring pH and reduction-oxidation potential (ORP) of samples, with the measuring accuracy: 0.002pH.

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pH mode characteristics:
• 1 to 5 points calibration, automatic recognition of USA, NIST, DIN standard buffer solution.
• Automatic electrode diagnosis, showing pH slope and null offset.
• Automatic temperature compensation, ensures accurate measurement over the full range.
• Calibration expiration reminder, prompts users to calibrate the instrument regularly.

ORP mode characteristics:
• 1 point offset calibration, allows adjusting display values to known standards.
• Relative and absolute mV mode, ensures reliable ORP measurement.

Common characteristics:
• Automatic end-point locking, retains stable readings for easy browsing and recording.
• The Settings Menu allows to customize the number of calibration points, display resolution, stability condition, temperature unit, date and time, etc.
• Reset function, automatically restores the meter to factory default settings.
• Expanding memory, stores or accesses up to 500 groups of data.
• USB communication interface, is convenient for transferring data to a PC or taking periodic interval reading.

More Information
pH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Measuring range -2.000~20.000pH
Display resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1pH, optional
Measurement accuracy ±0.002pH
Calibration point 1 to 5 points
pH buffer option USA/NIST/DIN/2 kinds of custom buffer solution
ORP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Measuring range ±1999.9mV
Display resolution 0.1/ 1mV, optional
Measurement accuracy ±0.2mV
Calibration point 1 point
Measurement mode Relative or absolute mV
Temperature ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Measuring range 0~105°C/32~221°F
Display resolution 0.1°C/°F
Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C/±0.9°F
Calibration point 1 point
Calibration range Measured value ±10°C/°F
Other parameters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Temperature Compensation 0~100°C/32~212°F, manual or automatic
Stability condition Standard or high precision
Data locking Manual or automatic end locking
Calibration expiration reminder 1 to 31 days or closed
Automatic shutdown After pressing 10/20/30 minutes or off
Data storage 500 groups
Communication output USB
Connector BNC, 3.5mm microphone socket
Display Customized LCD screen (125×100mm)
Power supply DC 5V power adapter
Dimensions (LxWxH) 210 x 188 x 60mm
Net weight 1.5kg

One DT-PH1500 host

K201-BNC Laboratory pH electrode

TP-10K temperature probe

pH Standard buffer solution (PH 4.01/7.00/10.01)

USB cable

DC 5V power adapter

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