• How do I get the invoice for the purchase?

    If you have placed the order online, you will be able to download the invoice directly in your online account. If you want to pay via bank transfer, we will send you an invoice via email for your payment.
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  • I am buying equipment for a university laboratory. Can I get a special discount?

    Yes, for all university labs, we offer a 10% special discount for all our products. Please provide your university lab info for qualification.
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  • Do you use DHL Express Worldwide ONLY for delivery?

    In most case, we use DHL Express Worldwide for the delivery of our products. This is due to DHL's vast delivery network, good service quality and fast delivery speed. We want our products to be handled with best care possible during the shipping process. ...
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  • Can we use our own DHL account for shipping?

    Of course, we can accomodate your request. Please notify us when you place orders. However, please note that we get good discounts from DHL and we pass it on to our clients. In most cases, you will find the DHL shipping fees quoted on our website are much...
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