FC14B Fiber Coupler

FC14B Fiber Coupler

SOLARBOX 150S UV Weathering Test Chamber

SOLARBOX 150S UV Weathering Test Chamber

Fiber-coupled LED Light Source FCLS-LED-WW

Color : Warm white ; Wavelength : 400 - 700 nm , Color temperature 3200K
Delivery Time : 1 - 7 days
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FCLS-LED-WW fiber-coupled LED light source produces warm white light, and has a nominal wavelength of 400-700nm. It can work in continuous, pulse and external trigger mode. The light source uses fan-based heat dissipation, and thanks to the high quality lamp, efficient heat treatment and reliable circuit design, the output light power is very stable. It outputs stable and high intensity continuous light in continuous mode, and pulsed light with adjustable frequency in pulse mode; both modes support 0~100% continuous linear regulation of output light intensity. The user can use the USB interface to control working frequency, intensity ratio and duty cycle in external trigger mode. FCLS-LED uses a standard SMA port as its default output interface. It also supports FC, ST and other optical fiber interfaces.


  • Wavelength: 400-700nm
  • Stable output light power
  • Continuous or pulse output, with adjustable frequency and intensity
  • Uses USB interface for external trigger
  • Compact design
  • High reliability


  • Spectral analysis and absorption spectrum measurement
  • Color measurement
  • Transmission/Reflectivity measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement
More Information
External Trigger Intensity Adjustment 0~5V,5V corresponds to Imax
Color Warm White
Dimensions (LxWxH) 72 x 72 x 167mm
Wavelength 400 - 700 nm
Spectral Output

Net weight 0.8 KG
Color Temperature 3200K
External trigger interface USB
Intensity Adjustment Range 0~100% linear
Operation mode CW, pulsed internal and external
Light output connector SMA905
Power Adapter 9V/2A
Optical Fiber Output Power 5mW(fiber:400μm;NA 0.22)
Maximum Drive Current 1100mA
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