IBM-1 Inverted Biological Microscope

IBM-1 Inverted Biological Microscope

IBM-3 Inverted Biological Microscope

IBM-3 is an inverted biological microscope with 100X-400X magnification and a 6V/30W halogen lamp illumination system.
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The IBM-3 inverted biological microscope can meet a wide range of needs in biological imaging. IBM-3 comes with phase contrast components, an adjustable light source and four sets of objective lens, which give IBM-3 the ability to provide high quality images. A wide selection of accessories is available for maximum flexibility, and the microscope is ergonomically designed to make imaging simple and comfortable.


  • Wide-field eyepiece provides a wide field of view and sharp imaging
  • Equipped with four sets of objective lenses, including PLL 10X/0.25, PLL 25X/0.40, PLL 40X/0.60 and PLL 10X/0.25 PHP
  • Eyepiece is inclined 30 degrees for comfortable viewing
  • Multiple phase contrast accessories including centering telescope, phase contrast objective lens and phase contrast slider make phase contrast imaging simple and efficient
  • Motorized stage provides easy microscope control
  • High quality glass stage enables users to see the conversion of objective lens and avoids deformation of the stage due to thermal fluctuations
  • Equipped with four different petri dish holders for live cell imaging
  • Brightness of light source can be easily adjusted
  • Illumination system is carefully designed to dissipate heat efficiently and keep the temperature of the lamp low
  • Lamp can be changed without any tools for easy maintenance
  • A variety of accessories are available for enhanced functionality
  • Compatible with external camera for taking pictures
More Information
Condenser Ultra-long working distance condenser, working distance 55 mm, with phase contrast device
Phase Contrast Objective Lens Infinity and long working distance plan achromatic objective PLL 10X/0.25 PHP Working distance: 4.3 mm, cover glass thickness: 1.2mm
Focusing Mechanism Coaxial focusing system with tension adjustment. Fine focusing with 2µm precision.
Illumination 6V/30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable
Objective Lens Infinity and long working distance plan achromatic objective PLL 10X/0.25 Working distance: 19.4 mm, cover glass thickness: 1.2mm / PLL 25X/0.40 Working distance: 8.0 mm, cover glass thickness: 1.2mm / PLL 40X/0.60 Working distance: 3.5 mm, cover glass th
Filter Frosted glass, Blue filter, Green filter
Nosepiece Quintuple Revolving Nosepiece
Stage Motorized stage : Fixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm,Glass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm; Petri dish holder : 86 (W) mm×129.5 (L) mm, suitable for Ф90mm dishes / 34 (W) mm×77.5 (L) mm, suitable for Ф68.5mm dishes / 57 (W) mm×82 (L) mm, suita
Observation Tube 45° inclination
Eyepiece WF10X (Φ22mm)
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