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IC20K Industrial Chiller

Temperature range:8~25℃; temperature control accuracy: ±0.2; cooling capacity at 20 ℃ is 20KW ;
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IC20K Industrial Chiller series of refrigeration system is a hassle-free, reliable and sturdy machine providing cooling and refrigeration for complex user needs. Manufactured and assembled using only the finest quality components, the IC20K Industrial Chiller is provides high precision and accuracy in temperature control. Inbuilt with a PID algorithm microprocessor, the IC20K Industrial Chiller series maintains and regulates temperatures for extended and heavy usage. Besides delivering quiet operation, the IC20K Industrial Chiller is made with extremely fine quality stainless steel components, which prevents the risk of oxidation and corrosion. Highly durable and sturdy, the IC20K Industrial Chiller series provides high precision chilling capacity for every user’s different needs.


  • Large refrigeration capacity which can hold huge amounts of material and maintain temperatures even after heavy usage. 
  • Temperature control panels which allow users to manipulate cooling capacity according to their varying needs. 
  • Ideal equipment for electron microscopy.
  • High delivery lead and high flow capacity. 


  • The IC series is available with various customised features and components, tailored to fit into different users’ needs.
  • An ideal machine for products that require high precision and constant temperature control and regulation.
  • The microprocessor PID algorithm allows the industrial chiller to maintain temperatures for long usage. 
More Information
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.2
Maximum Flow Rate Circulating Pump 17 - 117 L/min
Range of delivery head 14 - 38 m
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump 1.4~3.8 bar
Interface Size DN25
Volume of the Water Tank 90 L
Cooling Capacity 20 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 750×1350×1610 mm
Temperature Range 8 - 25℃
Net weight 395 KG
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