ID-S-56 Intelligent Digestion Instrument

ID-S-56 Intelligent Digestion Instrument

ID-S-16-TS Intelligent Digestion Instrument

ID-S-16-TS Intelligent Digestion Instrument

ID-D-24 Intelligent Digestion Instrument

ID-D-24 intelligent digestion instrument has two heating blocks and can digest up to 24 samples per round. It has a large LCD display.
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ID-D-24 intelligent digestion instrument has two separate heating blocks, which allow samples to be digested at two different temperatures for enhanced flexibility. ID-D-24 also has a large LCD display, preset programs and overheat protection, making it a highly versatile and efficient model.


User-friendly Design

  • Large LCD display for straightforward viewing
  • Temperature and time settings can be saved for future use
  • Six commonly used digestion programs are included
  • Fully transparent protective lid allows users to monitor the digestion process easily

Efficient Digestion

  • Heating block can heat samples to the set temperature in less than 10 minutes


  • Two separate heating blocks enable samples to be digested at different temperatures simultaneously
  • Setting time is more flexible with four different timer keys
  • Control temperatures range from room temperature to 200°C, allowing the reactor to accommodate the different needs for different digestions
  • The instrument can analyze a variety of parameters, including but not limited to COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), phosphorus, nitrogen, copper and cobalt (VI)

Safe and Durable

  • Housing is made of high-quality material that resists high temperature and corrosion
  • Automatically shuts down when temperature exceeds set temperature for enhanced safety
More Information
Net weight 5.8 Kg
Wattage 460 W
Digestion Capacity 2×12 vials/round
Permissible Ambient Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Timing Step Size 1 min
Temperature Step Size 1°C
Number of Heating Blocks 2
Preheating Time ≤10 min
Timing Accuracy 10 min±0.1s
Display Blue LCD display
Temperature Range Room temperature to 200°C
Temperature Accuracy 165±1°C/123±1°C
Digestion Methods Closed vessel rapid digestion
Timing Range 1-199 min
Power supply AC/220 V±10%/50 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 300×240×210 mm
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