KJD2200 Kjeldahl Digestion System

KJD2200 Kjeldahl Digestion System

KES402 Exhausting System

KES402 treats the harmful fumes produced by the Kjeldahl digestion process. It is used with KJD2200/4200 Kjeldahl Digestion Systems.
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KES402 exhausting system effectively filters and neutralizes the fumes produced by KJD2200/4200 for enhanced safety and sustainability.


  • Opaque neutralization unit allows users to monitor the process easily
  • Pressure can be adjusted real time to avoid acidic fumes from leaking
  • Corrosion resistant vacuum pump provides great suction with low noise
  • Three rounds of filtration using water, base and activated carbon effectively neutralizes the fumes generated from the Kjeldahl process
  • Durable and corrosion resistant PTFE made pipeline
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