KJA2100 Kjeldahl Analyzer

KJA2100 Kjeldahl Analyzer

KJA1100F Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

KJA1100F automatic Kjeldahl analyzer can perform titration, distillation and cleaning automatically. It has multiple advanced features and gives highly accurate measurements. The minimum burette volume is 1.0 μL/step.
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KJA1100F Kjeldahl analyzer can effectively determine the nitrogen content of samples with high accuracy. This advanced model not only combines titration and distillation in an integrated unit, but also incorporates advanced features such as regulatable steam flow, distillation temperature sensor, double distillation mode and a fast drain function. The minimum burette volume is 1.0 μL/step, which guarantees high level of accuracy. Professional and reliable, KJA1100F is the ideal choice for applications that require precision and flexibility.


  • Simple and safe to use with fully automated distillation, titration, calculation, printing, draining and cleaning
  • External titration beaker gives users real-time control to the titration process
  • Regulatable steam flow for flexibility
  • Distillate temperature sensor automatically stops the instrument at abnormal distillate temperatures to ensure accurate measurements
  • Includes double distillation mode to meet different experimental needs and mitigate the intensity of acid-base reactions
  • Fast-drain function keeps users safe from hot reagents
  • High-precision pump and titration system ensure accurate results
  • Operation made simple with LCD color touchscreen and user-friendly interface
  • Sensors installed for protective door, test tube, cooling water and steam generator for enhanced protection
More Information
Analysis Time 5~10 min/sample
Storage Capacity 1800 groups
Water Consumption 1.5 L/min
Burette Volume 1.0 μL/step
Reproducibility average value relative error ±0.5%
Sample Capacity solid ≤ 5g/sample, liquid ≦ 20mL/sample
Recovery ≥ 99.5%
Measuring Range 0.1 mg~200 mg N
Power 2 kW
Power supply 220V AC±10%, 50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 455×391×730 mm
Net weight 38 Kg
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