KLB-8CP PLUS Multichannel Pipettes

KLB-8CP PLUS Multichannel Pipettes

KLB-12CP PLUS Multichannel Pipettes

Fully-autoclavable manual multichannel pipettes with 12-channel models to choose from.
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The fully autoclavable KLB-12CP PLUS manual multichannel pipettes are easy to decontaminate and maintain, making pipetting an enjoyable and effortless task.


  • 12 channel pipettes are appropriate for 96 well plates
  • Dispensing head is rotatable for effortless pipetting convenience
  • Individual piston and tip cone assemblies allow easy repair and maintenance
  • Composite material-made tip cone secures high sealing performance
  • Compatible with most universal tip brands
  • One-year warranty included
  • No disassemble/reassemble required for decontamination
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