KP14-005 K9 Dove Prisms

KP14-005 K9 Dove Prisms

KP14-015 K9 Dove Prisms

KP14-015 K9 Dove Prisms

KP14-010 K9 Dove Prisms

Dimensions:A=10.0 mm;B=14.14mm;C=42.30 mm;h=10.0 mm

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Material:K9 Precision Annealedoptical glass

Dimension Tolerance (A,C,h):+0.0/-0.2mm

Flatness: λ/4 @ 632.8nm

Surface Quality: level 3~4

Angle tolerence: ±3 arc minutes

Bevel: <0.25mmX45°

Coatings: Please see the coating list

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C(mm) 42.30 mm
h(mm) 10.0 mm
B(mm) 14.14 mm
A(mm) 10.0 mm
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