T-Pro Microwave Digestion System

T-Pro Microwave Digestion System

M-40 Microwave Digestion System

M-40 Microwave Digestion System

M-100 Microwave Digestion System

M-100 microwave digestion system digests samples with accurate temperature and pressure control. It comes with the XP-100 rotor, which can digest up to 100 samples a time.
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The M-100 microwave system offers unparalleled productivity while keeping operation simple and safe. With the XP-100 rotor, M-100 can digest as much as 100 samples a time, a throughput unmatchable by other digestion systems. Moreover, M-100 is constructed with the safest and most reliable materials, equipped with the most advanced technology and packed with various user-friendly features. This digestion/extraction workstation is guaranteed to give you the best digestion experience.

Features :

Professional Digestion

  • The innovative Uni-Turn technology allows the sensors and vessels be continuously rotated in sync for uniform digestion. It also reduces the stress on the motor for a more durable instrument.
  • The UTH-Caro design of the rotors disturbs the microwave field with the rotation of the rotor, creating a homogeneous microwave field.
  • Piezoelectric crystal pressure measurement technology (PE-Tec) brings the instrument to a new level. Compared to the traditional pressure measurements using airpipes, PE-Tec uses shorter control cables, which minimizes the possibility of breakage and leakage. Moreover, the pressure transducer and the sample are completely isolated from each other, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.
  • Precise temperature control is made possible by combining accurate temperature sensing of the master vessel and IR temperature sensing of the digestion vessels. The two temperatures are automatically compared and analyzed, which gives more accurate temperature outputs than temperature sensing using IR alone.

Exceptional Productivity

  • The high-throughput XP-100 rotor can digest up to 100 samples simultaneously. This extreme efficiency allows numerous samples to be digested in short amounts of time.
  • A comprehensive set of rotors gives M-100 the flexibility to meet a wide range of needs. From food and feed to metals and ceramics, M-100 can digest them all.
  • With digestion vessels that have working temperatures up to 260°C and pressures up to 6 MPa, M-100 has the capability to digest difficult samples and perform reactions that require extreme conditions.
  • The efficient cooling system can cool samples from 200°C to 60°C in 15 minutes.
  • Large sample digestion is fast and easy with the XP-14 rotor (not included), which can accommodate vessels of 200 mL.

Safe and Reliable

  • Outer vessel is made of explosion-proof and tear-proof XtraFiber. The material can endure pressures up to 10000 psi and temperatures up to 500-600 °C, protecting users even under extreme conditions.
  • The auto-pop structured door is explosive-proof and offers additional protection. When the cavity is over pressured, the door slightly opens to buffer pressure release and the power of the microwave is automatically cut off.
  • Multiple layers of PFA coating protects the instrument from chemical corrosion.
  • SafetyBolt design keeps the digestion vessel completely sealed during digestion, but also maintains a safe and steady pressure release. Under normal conditions, the SafetyBolt will not break or leak, so it is easy to maintain and durable to use.

Intuitive Operation

  • Remote control system (optional) allows users to easily monitor the digestion process with terminals such as phones or tablets.
  • High definition LED screen displays real-time reaction parameters and temperature profiles. Users can easily change settings on the fly to match the best digestion conditions for their samples.
  • Effortless operation is made possible with a variety of accessories. The mechanical cart helps transfer heavy samples into the cavity and protects users from heat and fumes. The electrical torque wrench help users open and seal the vessels with ease.
  • The instrument comes with a digestion database with more than 1000 types of samples.
More Information
Dimensions (LxWxH) 550×670×700 mm
Includes M-100 Microwave Digestion Oven, XP-100 Rotor (including 100 outer vessels and 100 inner vessels), Loading Cart, Tools, Electric Wrench, Manual etc.
Net weight 70 kg
Cavity 65L cavity, 316L steel chamber
Power supply 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 16A
Microwave Source 2450MHz, Dual Magnetron Microwave
IR Temperature Control Range 0-350℃
Pt Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1℃
Door design Six-layer steel auto-pop door
Passive pressure protection system Adopt Safety Bolt design, quantitative and vertical pressure release when over pressure.
Chamber Exhaustion System High Power Axial Fan, only 15 minutes needed to cool from 200℃ to 60℃
Inner Vessel Material TFM
Outer Vessel Material Composite Fiber (Xtra-Fiber)
IR Temperature Display Accuracy ±1℃
IR Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1℃
Pt Temperature Display Accuracy ±1℃
Microwave Power Output 2200 W, inverter microwave
Pt Temperature Control Range 0-350℃
Pressure Display Accuracy ±0.1MPa
Pressure Control Accuracy ±0.01MPa
Pressure Control Method Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor
Installed Power 3600 W
Environment Temperature and Humidity 0-40 °C / 15-80% RH
Temperature Control Method Pt temperature sensor & IR temperature sensor(optional)
Pressure Control Range 0-15MPa (2200psi)
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