MA213TAP Advanced Moisture Analyzer

MA213TAP Advanced Moisture Analyzer

MA113TAP Advanced Moisture Analyzer

Equipped with a fully automated sample chamber and an extra-large LCD touchscreen display with wireless connection, the MA113TAP Advanced Moisture Analyzer is a sophisticated tool to provide fast and high precision moisture content measurements in laboratory and production. Produces reliable results at 0.001g/0.01% readability
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• Ideal for precise and sophisticated moisture analysis

• Precision cast aluminum pan and HBM sensor assure stability and minimizes turbulence

• PSP cover and high-temperature resistant housing ensure high-quality performance

• Multi-layer stainless steel heating chamber and dual temperature control ensure fast heating speed and reduce measurement time

• Dual fan design helps the device cool faster and ensures fast measurement

• An observation window makes it easy to monitor the measurement process

• Dual motor automated sample chamber allows for large operation space and easy cleaning

• Removable heating chamber components makes routine maintenance simple and easy

• Extra-large touchscreen LCD display makes operation easy and intuitive

• RS232 and RJ45 ports enable PC and printer connection for data storage, transmission and printing

• Can be widely used in agriculture, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and various industrial applications

More Information
Capacity 110 g
Dimensions 215 x 195 x 415 mm
Electrical Requirement 220 V / 50Hz
Interface RS 232
Timer Range 1 - 99 min
Sample Size MIN 0.004 g
Operating Limit Temperature Range 5-35 °C
Temperature Range 40-230 °C
Heat Source Halogen
Repeatability ±0.002 g
Readability 0.001g / 0.01%
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