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MC150A Mini Chiller

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MC300A Mini Chiller

MC150B Mini Chiller

Temperature Range:5 - 35℃; Temperature Control Accuracy:±0.1; Cooling capacity at 20 ℃ is 150W ;
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MC150B Mini Chiller

The MC150B is an aesthetically designed compact sized chiller that is inbuilt with high-quality components. This chiller maintains accurate and constant levels of temperature control and thereby deliver lasting functionality and reliable performance. There are a digital display unit and an automatic alarm device equipped in the chiller that makes it a better-suited product for varying needs. With a microprocessor PID intelligent algorithm, the MC150B chiller offers great convenience and hassle-free usage for lasting years. The circulation pump of this chiller is highly efficient and hence makes it a low noise and quiet machine.


  • It is a fully closed refrigeration system that maintains accurate temperature for constant time hence delivering reliable performance for the longer time.
  • With digital display feature, you can expect a high precision performance from this chiller.
  • The powerful refrigeration system along with efficient pump circulation unit makes it an ideal chiller for long time hassle-free working.
  • With closed water tank structure, the machine and hence the unit is free from experiencing any oxidation or coolant pollution.
  • The internal structure of the chiller is made of high-quality stainless steel that can be connected to different sorts of hoses or joints, or can even be linked to a closed circuit.


  • The compact size of the chiller makes it a useful item for large-scale laboratories.
  • With regular maintenance of constant high temperature, the chiller is effective in maintaining the quality of beverages, food products, lab products and other essentials.
  • MC150B can be applied in the field of biotechnology as the constant temperature maintenance promotes perfect cooling of electrophoresis bath.
More Information
Maximum Flow Rate Circulating Pump 10 L/min
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump 0.3~0.45 bar
Interface Size 1/4''NPT
Volume of the Water Tank 1L
Cooling Capacity 150W
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 230×280×380 mm
Temperature Range 5 - 35℃
Net weight 18 KG
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