MM2003B Metallurgical Microscope

MM2003B Metallurgical Microscope

MM2003A Metallurgical Microscope

MM2003 is a metallurgical microscope with 50X-500X magnification and a 6V/20W halogen lamp illumination system.
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When it comes to examining opaque samples, the MM2003A metallurgical microscope should not be overlooked. MM2003A can easily provide high quality images due to its large selection of objective lens, advanced illumination system and built-in polarization devices. With its excellent performance and simplified operation, MM2003A will be a highly useful tool in both research and education.


  • Wide-field eyepiece provides a wide field of view and sharp imaging
  • Eyepiece reticle simplifies centering
  • Equipped with five sets of long working distance plan achromatic objective lenses, including 5X/0.12, 10X/0.25,  40X/0.60 and 60X/0.75
  • Eyepiece is inclined 30 degrees for comfortable viewing
  • Focusing is smooth and precise with coaxial focusing, tension adjustment and locking mechanisms
  • Double decked motorized stage provides easy microscope control
  • Brightness of light source can be easily adjusted
  • Field and aperture diaphragms, polarizer and various filters are included in the illumination system for maximum flexibility
  • Compatible with external camera for taking high quality pictures and videos
More Information
Focusing Mechanism Coaxial focusing system with tension adjustment. Fine focusing with 2µm precision
Eyepiece WF10X (Φ18mm)
Observation Tube Trinocular, 30° inclination (Polarization analyzer included)
Stage Double-deck motorized stage( Size:185mmX140mm,movingrange:X: 75 mm, Y: 50 mm)
Nosepiece Quadruple , Revolving Nosepiece
Objective Lens Plan achromatic objectives with long working distance (no cover glass) PL 5X/0.12 / PL 10X/0.25 / PL 40X/0.60 / PL 60X/0.75 (Spring)
Illumination 6V/20W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable (Field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, polarizer, filters (yellow, blue, green) and frosted glass included)
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