MSH-R-205P-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-R-205P-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-20P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-20P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-R-30P-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MS-R-30P-G Magnetic Stirrer has a maximum stirring speed of 1500 rpm and a maximum heating temperature of 550°C. It has a stirring capacity of 30 L.
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When it comes to heavy duty heating and stirring, MSH-R-30P-G would effectively complete the job. With 1800W heating power and 30 L stirring ability, MSH-R-30P-G is designed for high capacity stirring. Apart from its heating and stirring power, it retains the important safety and user-friendly features, making it strong and easy to use at the same time.


Powerful Heating and Stirring

  • Heating temperature can reach up to 550°C

  • Speed ranges from 50 to 1500 rpm

  • Large stirring capacity, can stir up to 30 L of water

  • Infrared heating unit quickly heats the plate to the desired temperature

  • Microprocessor PID temperature control

  • Temperature control with ±2°C accuracy can be achieved with Pt100 temperature sensor (optional)

    Simple Operation

  • Heating temperature, stirring speed, overheat protective temperature and overspeed protective rpm can be set with rotary knob and seen easily with LCD display

  • Last settings are automatically saved, avoiding the need to set parameters repetitively

  • USB interface for convenient data transfer

    Safe and Protected

  • Overheat protection shuts down heating when temperature exceeds 550°C

  • Anti-corrosive groove collects splashes and prevents them from damaging the control panel

  • Fully sealed housing

  • Hot top warning flashes when plate temperature exceeds 60°C

  • Ceramic glass plate is safe, anti-corrosive and easy to maintain

More Information
Number of PID Parameters 1
Display LCD
Interface RS232
Includes SC03 temperature sensor support rod and holder, TP170×4 temperature sensor, stir bar (25 mm in length, 8 mm diameter)
Top Plate Dimension Ø190 mm
Top Plate material Ceramic Glass
Temperature Precision (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) ±2°C
Solvent Temperature Range (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) 40-300°C
Top Plate Temperature Range 0-550°C
Number of Stirring Positions 1
Heating power 1800/1500 W
Over Heat Protection 550°C
Stirring Speed Range 50-1500 rpm
Max.Stirring Capacity (H2O) 30 L
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