MSH-S-20P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-20P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-022P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-022P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MSH-S-021P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer Kit

MS-S-21P-L-G Magnetic Stirrer has a maximum stirring speed of 1200 rpm and a maximum heating temperature of 300°C. It has 4 stirring positions each with a capacity of 2 L.
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MSH-S-21P-L-G provides slow and gradual heating that is suitable for sensitive samples that cannot tolerate large temperature fluctuations. The LCD display and digital control keep operation straightforward. The instrument is also made of high-class materials and designed with multiple safety measures for the best durability and protection. This model also has 4 stirring positions, increasing its efficiency and throughput.


Smooth Heating and Stirring

  • Heating temperature can reach up to 300°C

  • Microprocessor PID temperature control

  • Gradual heating for smooth and steady temperature increase

  • Temperature control with ±2°C accuracy can be achieved with Pt100 temperature sensor (optional)

  • Can stir up to 4 different samples simultaneously

    Simple Operation

  • Heating temperature and stirring speed can be set with rotary knob and seen easily with LED display

  • Last settings are automatically saved, avoiding the need to set parameters repetitively

  • RS232 interface for convenient data transfer

    Safe and Protected

  • Protection circuit turns off heater when temperature is 50°C higher than set temperature

  • Anti-corrosive groove collects splashes and prevents them from damaging the control panel

  • Fully sealed housing

  • Hot top warning flashes when plate temperature exceeds 60°C

  • Aluminum heating plate with ceramic coating is safe, anti-corrosive and easy to maintain

More Information
Number of PID Parameters 1
Interface RS232
Timer Range 1-1999 min
Includes SC03 temperature sensor support rod and holder, TP170×4 temperature sensor, 4 stir bars (30 mm in length, 8 mm diameter)
Display LED
Top Plate Dimension 320 × 320 mm
Top Plate material Aluminum with Ceramic Coating
Temperature Precision (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) ±2°C
Solvent Temperature Range (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) 40-300°C
Top Plate Temperature Range 50-300°C
Number of Stirring Positions 4
Heating power 1000 W
Over Heat Protection 370°C
Stirring Speed Range 150-1200 rpm
Max.Stirring Capacity (H2O) 2 L
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