PC600B Precision Chiller

PC600B Precision Chiller

PC2000 Precision Chiller

PC2000 Precision Chiller

PC1000 Precision Chiller

Temperature range:5~35℃; temperature control accuracy: ±0.1; cooling capacity at 20 ℃ is 1000W ;
Delivery Time : 1-2 weeks
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PC1000 is part of a series of Precision Chiller cooling systems. This model of Precision Chiller is bigger, more operational and has a high set of functionality. One of the best of its kind, PC1000 provides users with a simplistic, minimally invasive interface which is easy to use by all. The temperature control system allows users to regulate cooling temperature, air flow, pressure with the simple touch of a button. The digitised display panel has been created specifically keeping in mind results from extensive market research and customer feedback. 

PC1000 has been manufactured with only the best brands of imported parts, which guarantees outstanding functionality and life for long years. A cooling system which delivers exactly what promised and no less, PC1000 precision chilling is the epitome of excellent stability and reliability. 


  • Excellent imported and branded components used in manufacture process guarantee quality of product.
  • An easy to control digitised display panel for temperature control, air flow control and air pressure allow users ease of usability.
  • The internal components of the machine have been strategically engineered by experts assuring long life of the product. 
  • The powerful cooling system delivers specific temperature for specific requirements. 
  • Extremely simplistic and portable, PC1000 has high functionality for every type of user demand.


  • The compact size of the chiller make it an easy to use product for homes, laboratories, conference rooms, etc.
  • PC1000 can be used for cooling purposes for a variety of specific needs and demands. 
  • Constant temperature control allows users to not worry about unnecessary power consumption. 
More Information
Maximum Flow Rate Circulating Pump 0~28 L/min
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump 0~4 bar
Interface Size 1/2''NPT
Volume of the Water Tank 8L
Cooling Capacity 1000W
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 345×620×600 mm
Temperature Range 5 - 35℃
Net weight 56 KG
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