PC3000A Precision Chiller

PC3000A Precision Chiller

PC5000A Precision Chiller

PC5000A Precision Chiller

PC3000B Precision Chiller

Temperature range:5~35℃; temperature control accuracy: ±0.1; cooling capacity at 20 ℃ is 3000W ;
Delivery Time : 1-2 weeks
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The first kind of the Precision Chiller series; the PC3000B cooling system has been manufactured with a split unit. This allows users to install the heat radiation unit outdoors; maximising cooling potential which at the same time reducing indoor temperature. Lightweight, yet sturdy, PC3000B series of precision chiller system has been crafted with utmost care in both design and concept. High end technologies used to manufacture and assemble the Precision Chiller PC3000B make it an ideal machine for heavy usage as well as everyday use. Taking into account immense market survey, research and consumer feedbacks, PC3000B has been created to provide optimum reliability and stability for users. Offering great convenience as well as long lasting, hassle free usage for years, PC3000B is the ideal precision chiller for users looking for a sturdy, reliable precision chiller machine. 


  • New research in concept and design has given birth to the PC3000B with advanced split unit feature. This split unit allows users to install the heat radiation unit outdoors, maximising cooling capacity and minimising indoor heating. 
  • Crystallised, digital display offering real time update on air pressure, air flow and temperature. 
  • Easy and simplistic control panel for users to gain maximum usage capacity. 
  • Sturdy, reliable components used for manufacture of parts. 


  • Being lightweight and portable, the PC3000B can be easily moved around and used in different locations. 
  • PC3000B can maintain constant temperatures, making it an ideal machine for long term usage with minimal user intervention. 
More Information
Maximum Flow Rate Circulating Pump 0~45 L/min
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump 0~4 bar
Interface Size 1/2''NPT
Volume of the Water Tank 40L
Cooling Capacity 3000W
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1
Dimensions (LxWxH) inter425×750×770 mm,outer800×270×530 mm
Temperature Range 5 - 35℃
Net weight 56KG(inter)+45KG(outer)
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