PC5000B Precsion Chiller

PC5000B Precsion Chiller

PC5000C Precision Chiller

Temperature range:5~35℃; temperature control accuracy: ±0.1; cooling capacity at 20 ℃ is 5000W ;
Delivery Time : 1-2 weeks
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The PC5000C is a powerful, reliable cooling system. Part of the Precision Chiller series, the PC5000C is the largest model of the PC series with advanced technologies, higher water tank capacity, increased air flow and air pressure pump and more interactive control panels. For ease of accessibility for users, the PC5000C series has been hand crafted with inputs from experts after extensive market research and studies. Manufactured and assembled with utmost precision and care, PC5000C series is the best Precision Chiller series for long lasting use. The larger digital display unit with an inbuilt automatic alarm device makes this machine a powerful and reliable machine for users cooling needs.


  • PC series adopts a nonstop refrigeration technology; ideal for cooling at faster speed and also maintaining constant temperature with minimal power consumption.
  • Temperature, pressure, water level displayed using advanced crystal digital control panel with optional flow display.
  • Beautiful, simple design making it an ideal machine for usability and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Variety of circulating pumps, optional ultra-quiet, high pressure or large flow models, making it a versatile machine.
  • Adjustable circulating pressure with stainless steel pressure indicator table.
  • A more powerful refrigeration system allowing long, hassle free hours of usage.


  • Varying cooling power and circulating pump pressure can be used to meet the cooling and constant temperature for all kinds of instruments.
  • Internal structure and components of the PC5000C have been created using the best, high quality stainless steel machinery; thus reducing corrosion and oxidation risks.


More Information
Maximum Flow Rate Circulating Pump 0~45 L/min
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump 0~4 bar
Interface Size 1/2''NPT
Volume of the Water Tank 80L
Cooling Capacity 5000W
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500×1000×1090 mm
Temperature Range 5 - 35℃
Net weight 135 KG
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