TS-CM2000 Conductivity Meter

TS-CM2000 Conductivity Meter

PT-CM3000 Conductivity Meter

Portable conductivity meter. Tests conductivity, resistivity, salinity, temperature and TDS with ranges of 0.00μS/cm to 1000mS/cm, 5.00Ω•cm to 100.0MΩ•cm, 0.00% to 8.00%, -5.0°C to 105.0°C and 0.000mg/L to 300g/L.
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The compact PT-CM3000 portable conductivity meter monitors conductivity, resistivity, salinity, temperature and TDS with both speed and accuracy. Equipped with a TFT touchscreen, professional calibration system and large memory, DDBJ-350F can easily meet various applicative needs.


  • 4.3 inch TFT touchscreen with menu guidance in both English and Chinese
  • Can measure multiple parameters including conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity and temperature
  • Users are able to adjust cell constant and conductivity-to-TDS ratio to suit different needs
  • Automatic recognition of 4 standard GB buffers
  • One to two point calibration
  • Comes with multiple temperature compensation modes, including linear, non-linear and pure water compensation modes
  • Three different reading modes: Smart-Read, Timed-Read and Cont-Read
  • Stores up to 1000 sets of results that can viewed in slope display
  • Data can be easily transferred to computer via USB connection
More Information
Net weight 1.5 Kg
Range (Resistivity) 5.00Ω•cm to 100.0MΩ•cm
Calibration Points Up to 2
Accuracy (TDS) ±1.0%FS
Accuracy (Salinity) ±0.2%
Accuracy (Resistivity) ±1.0%FS
Accuracy (Conductivity) ±1.0%FS
Range (TDS) 0.000mg/L to 300g/L
Range (Salinity) 0.00% to 8.00%
Range (Conductivity) 0.00μS/cm to 1000mS/cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 201×96×55 mm
Accuracy(Temperature) ±0.2°C
Temperature Compensation Manual/Automatic
Range(Temperature) -5.0°C to 105.0°C
Power supply Lithium Battery (DC 3.8V)
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