TS-DO2000 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

TS-DO2000 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

PT-DO3000 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Portable dissolved oxygen meter. Tests dissolved oxygen and temperature with ranges of 0.00-20.00 mg/L and 0.0-40.0 °C, and with accuracies of 0.1 mg/L and 0.5 °C.
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The convenient and economical PT-DO3000 portable dissolved oxygen meter can provide fast measurements of dissolved oxygen and temperature and is suitable for mobile applications.


  • Large LCD screen with the option of blue backlight for easy viewing.
  • Short response time makes measuring fast and efficient.
  • Zero and span calibration, automatic temperature compensation and salinity correction ensure accurate results.
  • Portable design allows the device to be used anytime, anywhere.
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Resolution(Temperature) 0.1 °C
Accuracy (DO) 0.1 mg/L
Resolution (DO) 0.1 mg/L
Range (DO) 0.00 mg/L to 20.00 mg/L
Calibration Points Zero and Span Calibration
Accuracy(Temperature) 0.5 °C
Temperature Compensation Manual/Automatic (0.0 °C to 40.0 °C)
Net weight 1.5 Kg
Range(Temperature) 0.0 °C to 40.0 °C
Power supply 2 AA Batteries
Dimensions (LxWxH) 165×75×30 mm
Includes PT-DO3000 Dissolved Oxygen Meter, DO-957 Dissolved Oxygen Probe
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