PW-MINI5 Water Purification System

PW-MINI5 Water Purification System

PW-MINI10 Water Purification System

PW-MINI water purification system is designed for basic routine use. It produces high-purity water (resistivity 10-17.5 MΩ•cm) and pure water.
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Small and efficient, PW-MINI is meant to deliver the high-quality water for basic routine use while having a small footprint. Operation is kept safe and simple, and the advanced RO membrane employed produces high-purity water with resistivity as high as 10-17.5 MΩ•cm.


  • Operation is simple and straightforward with LCD display and three control buttons
  • Noise is minimized to avoid distraction
  • Real time monitoring of pure water and high-purity water
  • Water temperature is consistently kept track of
  • Advanced RO membrane combines durability with quality
  • Conductivity is measured with precision from conductivity cells with cell constant 0.01 cm-1
  • Automatic temperature compensation for the most accurate resistivity measurements
  • Mispress protection to avoid unintended cleaning or circulation
  • Alerts for leaking and high voltage
  • Water and electronics are well separated for maximum safety
  • No adhesives were used in the productions of the purification columns to minimize plastic leaching
  • Purification columns contain high-quality resin, and the water produced can have a resistivity as high as 10-17.5 MΩ•cm
More Information
Nosie Level <50 dB
High-Purity Water Specifications Resistivity :10-17.5 MΩ•cm(at 25°C); Particulates (>0.2 µm):<1 CFU/mL; Heavy Metal Ions:<0.1 ppb;
Pure Water Specifications Organic Contaminants Reduction (MW>200 Da):>99%; Ion Reduction (with new RO membrane):96-99%; Particulate and Bacteria Reduction:>99%;
Feed Water Source Tap Water, TDS<200 ppm,5-45°C,1.0-4.0 Kgf/cm²
Instantaneous Flow Rate 1.5-2.0 L/h (pressure tank required)
Production Flow Rate 10 L/h
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 440×315×470 mm
Net weight 18 Kg
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