qBeam-2M-FW Laser beam profiler

Versatile laser beam profiler, 350-1100nm, 2M Pixel Max. Resolution, built-in filter wheel
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qBeam-2M-FW is a compact and flexible laser beam profiler with high sensitivity, high resolution and real time measurements. The user-friendly software measures critical laser beam data such as beam widths, shapes, positions, power, and intensity profiles. The software also integrates additional useful functions such as beam divergence calculations, M2 calculations and analysis.

3 ND filters (ND4/ND9/ND10) are mounted on a rotatable wheel. One can easily switch from one filter to another by rotating the wheel. It is also possible to combine these three filters to find the best attenuation.


  • Compact and flexible
  • Real time beam size and Gaussian fit
  • 2D/3D plots of beam in real time
  • 3μm pixel size at full resolution
  • Measures down to 60μm beam size
  • Built-in filter wheel


  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Second moment, Gauss fit, Knife edge, etc.
  • Beam divergence calculations
  • M2 calculations

Main Application:

  • Laser beam analysis: profile, beam size, position, divergence, M2
  • QC of lasers
  • Monitor multiple beams center
More Information
Damage Threshold 50W/cm2 with all filters
Free Drive protocol DLL
Windows operating system XP/7/8/10
Available Accessories Beam reduce~x2, allowing larger beams measurement High power beam samplers, up to 1kW C-mount accessories for lens mounting 50/100mm hood
Storage Temp -20℃-85℃
Working Temp -10℃-70℃
Power supply 5V DC via USB
Supplied Filter* ND4 : Transmission 14%@632.8nm / ND9 : Transmission 0.5%@632.8nm / ND10 : Transmission 0.03%@632.8nm
Frame Rate Up to 50Hz(depending on image size)
Sensor CMOS
Adjustable parameters Exposure time, Image size
Saturation ~5μWatt/mm2 @ 632.8nm
Sensitivity ~1.2nWatt/mm2 @ 632.8nm / ~0.5mWatt/mm2 @ 1310nm
Wavelength Range 350-1100nm
Min. measureable beam size 60 micron
Max Resolution 1920(H) x 1080(V) 2Megapixel
Image area 5.76mm x 3.24mm
Pixel Size 3μm
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • can qBeam-2M-FW Laser beam profiler measure pulsed lasers or just CW lasers?

    qBeam-2M-FW Laser beam profiler can measure both CW and pulsed lasers.
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