RGB-ER-CL Miniature Fiber Spectrometer

RGB-ER-CL Miniature Fiber Spectrometer

RGB-VIS-NIR-CL Miniature Fiber Spectrometer

Visible-NIR spectrometer with a wavelength range of 750-1100nm and a high optical resolution of 0.35nm
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Compact and portable, RGB-VIS-NIR-CL is a Visible-NIR miniature fiber spectrometer based on a crossed-asymmetric Czerny-Turner design. Equipped with a sophisticated CMOS detector, it has the advantages of high sensitivity, high resolution, high quantum efficiency and large dynamic range, and is suitable for spectral measurements in various scientific and industrial/OEM applications.

RGB-VIS-NIR-CL is preconfigured with a 25um entrance slit, and provides a high optical resolution of 1.0nm and a wavelength range of 400-1100nm. It is also possible to get different optical resolutions and spectral response ranges by selecting different gratings and slits.  For applications that requires an even higher resolution, RGB-VIS-NIR-CL can, for example, be preconfigured to offer an optical resolution of 0.5nm and a wavelength range of 750-1100nm.

RGB-VIS-NIR-CL has a USB2.0 interface for high-speed data transfer with a computer. It can also communicate with external devices via available GPIO pins.


  • Compact, light and portable, suitable for system integration
  • Unique optical bench design minimizes stray light and noises
  • Visible-NIR wavelength range with balanced spectral response
  • High sensitivity response enables weak signal detection
  • Possible customizations with a variety of gratings, slits, and lenses
  • USB2.0 interface, high-speed data transfer



  • Wavelength measurement
  • Transmission/reflection measurement
  • Radiation measurement
  • Absorbance measurement
  • Thin-film measurement
  • Color measurement
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Biochemical and medical analysis
  • Agriculture and food testing
  • Water quality analysis
More Information
Model Hamamatsu S11639 CMOS Sensor
Pixels 2048(14*200um)
Spectral Response 200~1000nm
Sensitivity 1300 V/(lx·s)
Wavelength Range 7500~1100nm
Entrance Slit 10um
Collection Cylinder Lens Yes
S/N Ratio 600:1
Integration Time 0.5ms~110s
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Power Consumption 180mA @ 5VDC
Connectors USB2.0 / RS232
External Trigger Modes Software/Hardware/Sync
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) 14-pin
Input Fiber Connector SMA905
Dimensions (LxWxH) 94 x 60 x 37 mm
Operating Temperature 0~55℃
Sample Measurements
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Does RGB-VIS-NIR-CL fiber spectrometer automatically offer a resolution of 0.5nm over 750-1100nm?

    No. Under the default configuration, RGB-VIS-NIR-CL spectrometer has a resolution of 1.0nm over 400-1100nm. However, if you request it, we can preconfigure it to offer a resolution of 0.5nm over 750-1100nm. You will need to clearly specify this requiremen...
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