SOLARBOX 150E UV Weathering Test Chamber

SOLARBOX 150E UV Weathering Test Chamber

SOLARBOX 300E UV Weathering Test Chamber

Enhanced version tabletop Xenon test chamber, 420 x 200 mm exposure area, can accommodate 3D objects and finished industrial products

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SOLARBOX 300E UV Weathering Test Chamber



SOLARBOX is a versatile instrument that can be used to simulate the realistic natural outdoor weathering conditions with high consistency and repeatability. With SOLARBOX, one can literally reproduce sunshine at any day and time for accelerated light stability and weathering tests. It offers constant measurement and control of irradiance during every test, compensating lamp and UV filter ageing by a closed-loop irradiance narrow-band sensor control system.The irradiation uniformity is guaranteed by a parabolic reflector chamber with the Xenon Lamp in the focus which is the best design for a reliable flat-bed xenon exposure system and also in very good agreement with rotating drum Xenon exposures.


Features of SOLARBOX 300E:

  • Equipped with a superior air-cooled Xenon lamp with 1500 hr lifetime
  • Includes a 290 nm filter for maximum UV radiation effect
  • Microprocessor controls for test parameter programming
  • LCD display of test parameters and program menus
  • Control and monitoring of irradiance and black panel temperature
  • Allows free programming of up to 15 different test standards
  • Optional measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity in the test chamber
  • Can be connected to an optional programmable flooding system to simulate the effect of rain and moisture
  • Allows configurational flexibility to ensure that the weathering conditions specified in ASTM, ISO, UL, DIN, SAE, MIL and many other international test standards can be met precisely




Adhesives, automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, dentistry, detergent, food, inks/paper, leather, paints/coatings, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics, roofing, rubber, sealants, textiles, scientific research, and various other industrial applications

More Information
Electrical Requirement 230 VAC 10%, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 890 x 390 x 400 mm
Exposure Area 420 x 200 mm
Number of Specimen Panels > 180
Current Consumption 16 A max
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