UH600 Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

UH600 Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

UH1000 Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

UH1000 ultrasonic cell disruptor can process samples from 50-1000 mL.
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UH1000 ultrasonic cell disruptor is a multi-functional instrument that can be used for cell disruption and various processes such as emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, dispersion etc. Flexible and reliable, UH1000 can provide effective sample processing for a large range of applications.


  • 7-inch TFT display for easy operation
  • Adjustable power to fulfill different needs
  • Over-temperature alarm to ensure experimental safety
  • A variety of tips available
More Information
Warranty 1 year
Duty Ratio 0.1%-99.9%
Processing Volume 50-1000 mL
Accompany Tip 20 mm(Optional : 15 mm, 25 mm)
Dimensions of Sound Proof Enclosure (L×W×H) 345×340×570 mm
Dimensions of Chassis(L×W×H) 430×250x300 mm
Adjustable Power Range 20%-99% (1200 W)
Frequency 19.5-20.5 kHz
Display 7-inch TFT screen
Power supply 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz
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