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UW-UF20 PLUS Water Purification System

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UW-UF30 PLUS Water Purification System

UW-UF PLUS water purification system is designed for trace analysis applications. It produces water with 18.25 MΩ•cm resistivity and TOC<3ppb.
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The UW PLUS water purification system combines the most advanced technologies to provide users with the best water purification experience. The advanced RO membrane, high-quality resin and UV lamp provide confidence in the water quality. UW PLUS also has a variety of features to maximize user’s convenience and control, such as large touch screen, remote control, large data storage, online self-diagnosis and more. The high-quality purification components, multiple customizable options and user-friendly design all contribute to efficient and effortless water purification.


Simple Management

  • Seven-inch color touch screen with easy menu navigation
  • Infrared remote control enables users to send commands from long distances
  • Four-digit password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to the system settings
  • Noise is minimized to avoid distraction
  • Dispense can be initiated from foot pedal
  • System includes time display and timed stand-by or shutdown

Comprehensive Display and Documentation

  • Real time monitoring of feed water, reverse osmosis water, DI water and ultrapure water
  • Real time display of feed water quality, volume and flow rate
  • The replacement record of the consumables can be stored and viewed in the instrument
  • Large built-in memory can store a year worth of measured data, which can all be viewed online
  • USB port included for data transfer

Full User Control

  • Water can be dispensed at designated time with designated volume (10-9999mL) and quality (1-18.25 MΩ•cm)
  • Circulation system can be turned on and off anytime
  • Users can choose from pressure tank and level tank for water storage
  • Users can set the lifetimes of the PP cartridge, AC cartridge, RO membrane, UV lamp, UF membrane and ultrapure water purification cartridge. Usage time can be displayed, and users will be alerted when replacement is needed
  • Instrument can perform self-diagnosis when water quality is abnormal
  • Automatic troubleshooting system for important components

Safe and Reliable Water Purification

  • 32-bit microprocessor controls the instrument with high speed execution and low energy cost
  • Automatic rinsing of the RO membrane maximizes the lifetime of the membrane
  • Real time RO membrane pressure display
  • Water temperature is consistently kept track of
  • Conductivity is measured with precision from conductivity cells with cell constant 0.01 cm-1
  • Automatic temperature compensation for the most accurate resistivity measurements
  • Automatic shut down when lacking feed water or water tank is full
  • Automatic start up after water dispense
  • System error alerts to notify users instrument issues
  • Water and electronics are well separated for maximum safety
  • No adhesives were used in the productions of the purification columns to minimize plastic leaching
  • Purification columns contain high-quality resin, the water produced can have a resistivity as high as 18.25 MΩ•cm
  • UV lamp is filament free, shockproof and its life time will not be shortened by turning it on and off
  • The UV lamp integrated in the system has one of the longest life times (50000 hours) and smallest sizes (Φ4.0 mm, 150 mm)
  • Dual wavelength (185nm and 254nm) UV lamp effectively eliminates organic compounds and bacteria
More Information
Pure Water Specifications Resistivity:<1 µs/cm (at 25°C); Organic Contaminants Reduction (MW>200 Da):>99%; Ion Reduction (with new RO membrane):96-99%; Heavy Metals:<0.1 ppb;
Pyrogens (Endotoxins) <0.002 EU/mL
Ultrapure Water Specifications Resistivity:18.25 MΩ•cm (at 25°C); Particulates (>0.2 µm):<1 CFU/mL; Bacteria:<0.1 CFU/mL; Total Organic Carbon (TOC):<3 ppb;
Feed Water Source Tap Water, TDS<200 ppm,5-45°C,1.0-4.0 Kgf/cm2
Instantaneous Flow Rate 1.5-2.0 L/h (pressure tank required)
Production Flow Rate 30 L/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500×400×580 mm
Net weight 38 Kg
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