UW-UT20 Water Purification System

UW-UT20 Water Purification System

UW-UT10 Water Purification System

UW-UT water purification system is designed for life science applications. It produces water with 18.25 MΩ•cm resistivity, RNases level <0.01 ng/mL and DNases level <4 pg/µL.
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Instantaneous Flow Rate 1.5-2.0 L/h (pressure tank required)
Pure Water Specifications Resistivity:<1 µs/cm (at 25°C); Organic Contaminants Reduction (MW>200 Da):>99%; Ion Reduction (with new RO membrane):96-99%; Heavy Metals:<0.1 ppb;
DNases <4 pg/µL
RNases <0.01 ng/mL
Pyrogens (Endotoxins) <0.001 EU/mL
Ultrapure Water Specifications Resistivity:18.25 MΩ•cm (at 25°C); Particulates (>0.2 µm):<1 CFU/mL; Bacteria:<0.1 CFU/mL; Total Organic Carbon (TOC):<3 ppb;
Feed Water Source Tap Water, TDS<200 ppm ,5-45°C,1.0-4.0 Kgf/cm²
Production Flow Rate 10 L/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500×400×580 mm
Net weight 38 Kg
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