VASI-50L Vertical Autoclave

VASI-50L Vertical Autoclave

VAAC-60L-II Vertical Autoclave

VAAC-60L-II vertical autoclave has an internal air exhaustion system, a maximum operating pressure of 0.217 MPa and a selectable temperature range of 50-134°C.
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Sterilization becomes simple and hassle-free with VAAC-60L-II vertical autoclave. Equipped with a fully-automatic microcomputer control system, VAAE-60L-II accurately controls autoclave processes for reliable sterilization. It also contains multiple safety features to assure safe operation. An internal air exhaustion system is also integrated so no steam is released to the environment.


  • Lid can be conveniently opened or closed with rotary handle
  • Fully-automatic microcomputer control
  • Lid can be conveniently opened or closed with hand wheel
  • Electro-mechanical lock device ensures that the lid is locked when there is excess pressure in the chamber
  • Secure thermal expansion seal
  • Low-water interrupt, overtemperature protection and overpressure protection guarantees safe operation
  • LCD Digital display allows users to monitor the sterilization process
  • Sterilization time can range from 0 to 99 hours
  • Internal air exhaustion system enables the steam to be exhausted without external venting
  • Audible alarm when sterilization cycle ends
  • Main parts of the instrument are all made of high-quality stainless steel
More Information
Power 3500 W
Vessel Material/Thickness Stainless Steel/2.0 mm
Useful Volume 60 L
Chamber Dimensions Φ370×560 mm
Sterilization Time 0 to 99 hours
Selectable Sterilization Temperature 50°C to 134°C
Maximum Operation Pressure 0.217 MPa
Power supply 220 V
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